An advanced ECO-Truck report dedicated to heavy goods vehicles

Brightridge has developed a unique report allowing a detailed analysis of the truck driver's driving behavior.

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New mobile app release

The clock module of the drivers! You can now use reminders, check the average axle weight.
Check your eco driving score and face other drivers.

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Eco-driving Newsletter

Review your eco-driving abilities. Twice a month Brightridge send newsletter with detailed information about the driving dynamics, breakings, accelerations, work of the engine.


Drivers’ hours

Analse drivers working time. Now you can check driving time and rest periods according to common set of EU rules. Control Daily driving period, total weekly driving time, daily rest period, weekly rest, breaks of at least 45 minutes

About us

The Brightridge offers users a whole package of benefits: savings, increased efficiency and effective control. The echo Brightridge platform allows you to tackle many of your customers' fleets, including unreasonable costs, poor performance, redundancy, or private use.

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